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  • What should I bring on the boat?
    Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, comfortable clothing...A towel if you plan to get wet!!
  • What if I need to cancel my charter?
    Our cancellation policy is you must cancel 48 hours prior. If it is within the 48 hours we will issue you a gift card that is valid at any time.
  • Can we bring food on the boat?
    Yes! We have a large cooler on board so you are welcome to bring anything you like!
  • Can we bring drinks?
    Yes! We provide bottled water and gatorade but you are welcome to bring any adult beverages if you like.
  • Is there a bathroom on board?
    Yes, there is a full marine head including a fresh water sink.
  • How many people can we bring on the boat?
    Up to 6 passengers!
  • Where do we meet to get on the boat?
    Nora Patterson Bay Isle Park, just over the north Siesta Key draw bridge. 946 Siesta Drive. Or we can also pick you up at other locations.
  • Can I smoke on the boat?
    There is no smoking allowed on the boat.
  • Do we have to wear or bring life vests on the boat?
    We have life vests on board but you do not have to wear, however children under 6 are required to wear one.
  • Should we tip our captain?
    Our captains work extremely hard in preparing the boat and finishing up so you can have a memorable experience. If you feel the trip was awesome and had a great time we would greatly appreciate your tip.
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